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Our dedicated team helps you in developing great UI/UX in our endeavour to create E-Commerce website and apps that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. Nezzt Solution offers top-notch eCommerce web development services with the best software and development plans catered to every client’s unique requirements. We have a dedicated team of expert consultants, developers and project managers to ensure our customers receive a successful development process.

Nezzt Solution’s eCommerce development team ensures your website is built with a strong business strategy and the latest cutting edge development technologies. Our ecommerce website development solution helps deliver a comprehensive and effective e-business strategy, products and marketing tactics, design and usability, technology and security.

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Our team of expert web developers boast a knowledge base of building online stores using technologies like 3D Cart, AgoraCart, BigCommerce, CafePress!, CubeCart, Drupal, Joomla, Foxycart, Magento, osCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, SilverStripe, VirtueMart, WordPress, X-Cart, Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, Zen Cart, NET, PHP, etc. Our ecommerce website development solutions are flexible, scalable, offer faster time-to-market and build essential customer traffic.


Requirement Analysis: Determining the expectations and requirement of our customers to ensure an accurate implementation. We communicate with the customers to determine their specific feature expectation and then build the Ecommerce Website and App accordingly to offer a new and modified product.

Requirement Gathering: We create a list of product requirements from the perspective of our customers. We take the detailed project-related information from our customers that are gathered from supporting documents, process specs, systems, on-site analysis, market research, competitor analysis and end-user interviews; and decide the best possible way to implement it. We define and analyze the requirements of our customers that allow our developers to know what they have to accomplish. We then create use cases, and generate a use case model. The next step would be validating and cost estimating the scope of the project.

Discussion and planning: Our next step is conceptualization and planning. We communicate with our customers for thorough discussions about their views and expectations, and then plan the best strategy to deliver the Ecommerce Website and App that satisfies their specific requirements. Ideally, our development team is involved at the initial stage of the project, and the entire process of building Ecommerce Website and App is done by the technical people who understand what they have to achieve and how. These technical people tell you if your idea is feasible, and can be successful; and what you can expect from your project within your budget.

Designing Phase: The design phase consists of defining the Website and App User Experience (UX), including general layout of the application with the information on how it works. Our graphic designer then turn the application’s User Experience into a proper User Interface (UI) design. We keep different screen sizes, ratios and resolutions in mind while designing an application’s User Interface (UI). Before you dive into code, you must design. The User Experience (UX) Designer creates the interaction architecture of the design elements, and the User Interface (UI) Designer creates the look and feel of your application. This is a multistep process with its own review stages. After this, we offer you the visual direction and blueprints that inform your engineers about the envisioned final product and how interaction should feel, move and flow.

Development Phase: Once an idea has some maturation in the conceptual/inspiration phase, we often develop a working prototype that validates functionality, assumptions, and helps to give an understanding of the scope of the work.

Testing Phase : We test the application early and often on actual devices. User acceptance testing is a process in which we intend to find out if the website and the mobile app works for the users. Finally we create a complete concept with exciting graphics and perfectly placed text. We then rigorously test your application in a variety of real-world scenarios to sniff out and correct any technical glitches. We initialize the feature and make sure it is supported from the Operating System (OS) to use those configuration settings. We go through our original design and planning documents and every feature of the application to assure that everything works properly in the final concept.

Ecommerce Launch: The final step is launching the Website and App, so that users can download it. Our team of developers has proper knowledge about the submissions cycle and guidelines, which allows our application to get reviewed easily.

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